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For perfect mouldings, you must start with perfect grinding templates.


isel USA Template Makers

For perfect mouldings, you must start with perfect grinding templates. 

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Autotemp Training CD

AutoTEMP / TurboCAD Training CDs

The problem with learning a CAD program such as TurboCAD is that there are in excess of 130 icons in the CAD program. From experience, we know that you will use around 20 icons for typical drawings for making templates.…but which 20 ?

In this 4 CD training set, you will learn skills starting with the most basic process such as creating a box and finishing with taking a wood sample, scanning it, tracing it and then sending the template to the cutting machine.

Perfect for users that are new to the AutoTEMP and TurboCAD programs and want to get an easy to follow, step-by-step start, these videos show how the CAD program works and the process for generating templates from wood samples.

Autotemp Training CD

The videos include the following:

Disk 1 – Drawing from dimensions

7 drawings – getting progressively harder
Starting with a box – ending with a summary drawing including, lines, radii, angles and then mirroring the drawing

Disk 2 – Advanced Dimensioned Drawings
Continuing from Disk 1 – starting with generating templates from wood samples, then moving into advanced drawings with multiple dimensions.

Disk 3 – Scanned drawings
Scanner setup, scanner basics and then tracing scanned images

Disk 4 – Advanced
Cutting templates, pressure shoes, making symbols

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