isel USA Template Makers

For perfect mouldings, you must start with perfect grinding templates.


isel USA Template Makers

For perfect mouldings, you must start with perfect grinding templates. 

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Video Training

The following videos will show you exactly how to use the AutoTEMP system to make Grinding Templates.

  • We start with a simple 2″ x 2″ box, teach you how to zoom and scroll in the program, then progressively move along adding new components from the 140 tools TurboCAD has available.
  • Once you have completed the videos you will be able to scan wood samples or drawings and trace them using the lines and radii in TurboCAD. You will be able to generate dimensioned drawings and you will understand how to create a template with run off. We will show you how to nest the templates and how to run the templates in the AutoTEMP program. We will also have videos that show how to convert a template into a drawing for a pressure shoe and how to run the pressure shoe.
  • This video training is not designed to use all of the icons available in TurboCAD. It was designed to show you how to make templates, but does incorporate most of the icons you will need to do most drawings.
  • The program is only available to customers that have purchased one of the AutoTEMP systems.

To Start This Training Session:

STEP 1Click Here to Download & Install Course Materials  /  Alternate Access to Course Materials

– To assist with the training process, open the appropriate drawing in the downloaded files to follow along with the videos.
– The DXF files can be opened in TurboCAD, the PDF files can be printed on your printer.

STEP 2 – Print Training Steps Combined 0817.pdf (from downloaded files)

STEP 3 – Click on the first video – Toolbars & Classic Mode


Toolbars & Classic Mode

Setting Toolbars to classic mode

Resources needed:

Drawing 1

Drawing a 2″ x 2″ box. Using line, length and Angle. Using V snap.

Open drawing 01.DXF

Resources needed:
Open Drawing 01.DXF
Print Drawing 01.PDF

Turning Off Snaps

Turning off Snaps and Geometric aids & turning them back on

Resources needed:

Drawing 2

Drawing 2″ x 2″ box, then adding Fillets and Chamfers to the corners

Resources needed:
Open Drawing 02.DXF
Print Drawing 02.PDF


Moving around and zooming in and out of the drawing in TurboCAD.

Resources needed:

Drawing 3


Resources needed:
*Resource One
*Resource Two

Drawing 4

Drawing using Parallel lines. Introduction to Meet 2 lines. Adding Fillets

Resources needed:
Open Drawing 04.DXF
Print Drawing 04.PDF

Use Choice

Turning off annoying Popups & turning back on.

Resources needed:

Drawing 5

New drawing using Line, Length, Angle & Parallel lines. Intro to circles. Using I snap.

Resources needed:
Open Drawing 05.DXF
Print Drawing 05.PDF

Drawing 6 (Pt.1)

Multi-part drawing. First part is Creating the initial box. Also Intro to M snap.

Resources needed:
Open Drawing 06.DXF
Print Drawing 06.PDF

Drawing 6 (Pt. 2)

Part 2 – Cutting a Line and then using meet 2 lines to connect line to radius

Resources needed:
Continue with Drawing 06.DXF
Continue with Drawing 06.PDF

Drawing 6 (Pt. 3)

Part 3 – Using the Mirror Function to copy one part of the drawing and keep the original.

Resources needed:

Continue with Drawing 06.DXF
Continue with Drawing 06.PDF

Drawing 6 (Pt. 4)

Part 4 – Deleting a mirror line. Create a Hatch pattern using pick/ point/ hatch.

Resources needed:
Continue with Drawing 06.DXF
Continue with Drawing 06.PDF

Drawing 7 (Pt. 1)

Part 1 Summary drawing of all icons used to this point. Line length angle to create initial part.

Resources needed:
Open Drawing 07.DXF
Print Drawing 07.PDF

Drawing 7 (Pt. 2)

Part 2 – Final part of Summary drawing. Adding Arcs, cut line and using mirror function.

Resources needed:
Continue with Drawing 07.DXF
Continue with Drawing 07PDF

Drawing 8

How to add a template to a wood sample using parallel lines. Axial Constant

Resources needed:
Open Drawing 08.DXF
Print Drawing 08.PDF

Drawing 9

Creating blend lines on a template with radii at each side. Axial Constant.

Resources needed:
Open Drawing 09.DXF
Print Drawing 09.PDF

Drawing 11 (Pt. 1)

Practice – Part 1 – Drawing a simple drawer side with notch. Line, length, angle.

Resources needed:
Open Drawing 11.DXF
Print Drawing 11.PDF

Drawing 11 (Pt. 2)

Practice – Part 2 – Drawing with radii at end. Line, length, angle, Meet 2 lines and Fillet.

Resources needed:
Continue with Drawing 11.DXF
Continue with Drawing 11.PDF

Drawing 12

Practice – Drawing a shape with Chamfers and a groove. Line, Length, angle and chamfer

Resources needed:
Open Drawing 12.DXF
Print Drawing 12.PDF

Drawing 13

Practice – Drawing a moulding with chamfers and a series of parallel lines also meet 2 lines

Resources needed:
Open Drawing 13.DXF
Print Drawing 13.PDF

Drawing 14

Practice – Drawing with 2 radii. Finding center of radii using parallel lines. Color Change Lines.

Resources needed:
Open Drawing 14.DXF
Print Drawing 14.PDF

Drawing 15

Practice – Advanced drawing lots of dimensions. Line, length, angle.

Resources needed:
Open Drawing 15.DXF
Print Drawing 15.PDF

Drawing 16

Practice – Advanced Drawing. Line, length, angle, Parallel lines, radii, split line, meet 2 lines.

Resources needed:
Open Drawing 16.DXF
Print Drawing 16.PDF

Drawing 17

Practice – Final Drawing – Advanced. Line, length, angle. Fillet

Resources needed:
Open Drawing 17.DXF
Print Drawing 17.PDF

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