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For perfect mouldings, you must start with perfect grinding templates.


isel USA Template Makers

For perfect mouldings, you must start with perfect grinding templates. 

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Technical Support

Technical Support

Error Code 2

  • Close the AutoTEMP program.
  • Turn off the CNC machine by turning off the power switch at the back of the controller.
  • Move each axis to the middle of the travel – remember there are 3 axes, you have to move all three. Some of the axes will be hard to move.
  • For the A1113 you will have a knob on the end of each motor – turn the knob to move the axis to the middle of the travel. If the knob does not move the axis, you can physically push or pull the axis until it moves (make sure the machine is turned off or you could damage the machine).
  • Once all 3 axes have been moved to the middle of the travel, turn the machine back on.
  • Re-enter the AutoTEMP.
  • Click the HOME button at the top of the screen.
  • Now you can try to cut your template again.
  • If you immediately get an error code 2 again when you try to cut a template, it is possible that the origin needs to be reset. Follow the instructions for resetting the origin.
  • If you prefer that we help you with the technical support, please call 828-431-2205 for support options.

I/O Error 103 – How to Close Multiple Copies of the Program

  • If you receive an I/O error 103, it typically means the computer was trying to send commands to the machine, this process was interrupted, and then another copy of the program was opened causing the input/output error 103.
  • The easiest (and slowest) fix for this is to shutdown and restart the computer.
  • The quickest way to fix this issue is to do an ALT/CTRL/DELETE on your computer, go into the TASK MANAGER and end the task for AutoTEMP. You may have to click END NOW twice. Then exit task manager.
  • Once the program is fully closed or the computer has been restarted, try starting AutoTEMP and see if you can get the machine to run your template.
  • Note: Typically, we see an I/O 103 error when the machine has been stopped because of another reason and the customer tries to run the program a second time. This means you may still have the original issue that caused the machine to not work in the first place.
  • If this did not fix your issue, please call 828-431-2205 and we can assist you further with a paid support option.

How to Reset the Origin

Setting the origin on the machine depends upon the machine type, the clamping system used and the options on the machine.

First go to Setup – Set Origin – (make sure the machine is on) – Answer YES to HOME machine.
The machine control will be on the screen.

Look at the photos of the clamp styles below to determine the applicable clamping system and then go to the correct section on the page to follow the instructions.

Clamp Style A

Clamp Style B

Clamp Style C

 Model  A1113  Clamp Style C or any other clamp

(bars down the left and right of the plastic)

NOTE – If at any time in this process you encounter a Machine Error – Code 2, go back to the previous section and follow the instructions (Machine Error – Error Code 2).

On the machine control – change the jog distance to .1 Inch.
On the machine control – Click the RIGHT button until the bit is at the LEFT edge of the plastic.

Click the FORWARD button at least 1 time (at .1 Inch) (if the bit still is not over the plastic, you can keep clicking the FORWARD button until the bit is over the plastic – or slide the plastic back in the clamp).

NOTE – Be careful with the next move. You could break the bit.
Jog DOWN until you are 1/8” above the plastic.
Now again click the RIGHT or LEFT button until you are 1/8” to the right of the clamp bar.

The bit should be approx. 1/8” to the right if the clamp, 1/8” above the plastic.

If this is Correct – Click SET ORIGIN, Enter the password CNC123 (make sure the CNC is uppercase).

Telephone Technical Support at 828-431-2205

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